Useful Links

Botswana High Commission London
The Botswana Embassy in London is the official representative body of the Botswana Government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  Details about the Embassy of Botswana in London, other Batswana embassies across the world, Botswana visa information, visa forms, tourist information, weather, maps, Botswana public holidays and a lot more travel information are present here.

Botswana Student Union UK
Botswana Student Union UK is a society of all the Batswana Students in the UK.  It’s main aim is to promote the general welfare of these students. It also aims to pursue matters of interest to its members including charity fundraising,  internships, mentoring and employment. Every year the BSU elects a committee made up of students.

Setswana Language
Setswana is one of the Bantu language groups, mostly spoken in
Botswana, South Africa and Namibia (Southern Africa).  The following
lessons have been designed to suit any new learner in Setswana who
has had little or no exposure to Setswana language. Remember,
Setswana will be a useful tool in your work, and aid you in integrating
well in your community making accessible to you a substantial
segment of the population with little or no English skills.
A collection of useful phrases in Tswana, a Bantu language spoken in Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Vision 2016
The national development vision, Vision 2016, was established in 1996 following nationwide consultations led by a Presidential Task Group.  The need for the creation of a national vision was precipitated by the need for Botswana to intentionally define and manage its path to Prosperity for All as well as how it adjusts to the rapidly changing global economy and social order.